SCA Spring R.U.S.H. 2003

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Photo highlights from the Spring 2003 R.U.S.H. session in the Kingdom of Calontir. Click on the thumbnailed pictures below to see the larger photo. Latest update September 19, 2019. The event held on April 11th-13th, 2003 and presented by Royal University of Scir Hafoc and the Shire of Bois DArc and titled:


A Day on an English Manor in the mid 1400s

Brewers boiling water for beer.

Brewer working.

Hans burning a shoe.

Checking fit of shoe.

Classes at the troll booth.

Court held after the event.

Detail of wooden puppet.

Wooden puppet.

Dyers working.

Fire in the forge.

Gardeners building a garden.

One happy customer.

Joy digging the garden.

Joy watering the garden.

Joy watering the garden.

Hans punching horseshoe.

Hans & Joy and the Order of the Pink Lead Rope.

Hans measuring a hoof.


Queen & colt.

Colt eyeing a goodie.

Clean port-a-jons.

Brewers straining beer malt.

Queen & brewers.

Queen & Luci at troll.

Queen & colt.

Brewer stirring beer.

The garden.

Hans trimming hoof.

Queen at troll.



Photos and video provided by Mikal the Ram.

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