Christmas Wagon Ride With Relatives 1999

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My first team Christmas 2000.Posted on January 4th,2000.

This was my first team of percheron mares. These pictures are from a Christmas ride for my sister and here daughters.

I used them to haul manure up to the garden and pull the wagon to check fences. The hills are rather steep here so it is quite a workout. More equipment is being put together to start working them in spring. A bob sled is almost ready to go and just in time since we get some snow here.












Taking relatives for a ride Chrismas 1999, manuevering out of the drivewayTaking relatives for a ride after Christmas 1999.











June 1999.

2 year olds in March 1999.June 1999. Pulling a wagon.











2 year olds wagon work working around obstacles.2 year olds wagon work working around obstacles. 1999







Recently trained to drive and just need a plenty of experience working to finish into a good team. These are 2 year old mares. Very easy to work with. We expect them to grow to about 1800 lbs. apiece.


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