Horsedrawn Plowing Demonstration

Hawkeye Antique Tractor & Engine Show in Waukee, Iowa 1999

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Sulky plow pulled by 3 abreast in July of 1999.July 31st, 1999

This event took place at the Waukee Iowa Antique Tractor and steam engine show in Waukee Iowa in the summer of 1999. A field adjacent to the show grounds was used to display the use of draft horses for farming and transport. These are some friends of mine who are active in regional draft horse organizations and who use horses at home.







Plowing with 3 abreast in July, 2000.They spent the weekend plowing and disking a field after harvesting oats. The oats were used for the steam power threshing demonstration elsewhere on the show grounds. There were a group of demonstrators showing there methods of plowing with different types of plows and equipment to visitors all day long during the weekend. Photos above and right, percherons hitched 3-abreast is a friend of mine plowing with a sulky (riding plow). Average weight of each horse is about 1900 pounds.





Resting the horses.At left are the same team of percherons resting in the shade. Visitors had the chance to see these horses up close and talk to the drivers when they were resting. Also having a chance to see how the horses are hitched to the equipment and harnessed for work.








2 year olds getting hitched to a forecart.Some of the horses used were young newly trained horses working for the first time in front of other people. At left is a team of 2 year old Belgians hitched to a forecart. A Forecart is a cart that which has modern style hitches mounted to it and can be used to pull or transport modern tractor pulled farm equipment.







Shires on the people mover. July 1999.Shire power on the people mover.Some of the guys took turns pulling the people mover around the grounds. At right and lower right is a team of Shires pulling the people mover. This was the first year that horsepower was exhibited at this engine show and they were a hit.




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