Farming, Gardening, Horsepower, and Self Reliance

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Latest update: September 18, 2019.

Small Farmer's Journal. This magazine is super sized and features Practical Horse-farming. The magazine leans towards truly sustainable agriculture. Use of horsepower in a practical environment,  good tillage practices, less environmentally harmful methods of tillage, weed and insect control, and environmental impact of various methods and their ability to be sustained indefinitely while improving natural soil fertility are constantly discussed as farmers share their ideas in this magazine. Small Farmer's Journal, PO Box 1627, Sisters, OR, 97759. Their website is now active.

Draft Horse Journal. One of the largest draft horse and mule magazines in the world, since 1964. Their web site and magazine offers everything from horses and harness for sale, to horse care advice and schedules of upcoming events. Anything that has to do with draft horses and mules can be found in this magazine. The Draft Horse Journal, P.O. Box 670 Waverly, Iowa, 50677. Phone: 319-352-4046 Fax: 319-352-2232

The Countryside Agency. Anyone who has read the books Wrought Ironwork or The Blacksmith's Craft or even The Thatcher's Craft is familiar with The Countryside Agency. This organization was once known as The Council For Small Industries in Rural Areas (CoSIRA) and more recently as The Rural Development Commission (RDC) in England. The RDC was combined with The Countryside Commission in 1999 and became The Countryside Agency. They sponsor training seminars for a wide variety of skills and fields. Everything from organic agriculture and forestry, woodland management to farmer's markets, marketing and retail, to self-reliance and community support projects. And of course they still arrange training in blacksmithing, wheelwrighting, thatching, wood machining. The leatherwork classes involve saddlery, bridle making, collar making, and other leatherwork. Address is The Countryside Agency.  John Dower House, Crescent Place.  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  GL50 3RA

ETC Group - formerly called RAFI Rural Advancement Foundation International. Sustainable agriculture and biodiversity issues. This group is both a biotechnology watchdog and a sustainable agriculture research information organization. Interested in finding out what the giant international seed corporations, chemical companies, and the WTO are doing or what they don't want you to know about? Visit this site. . New name and web address!

Rural Heritage Magazine. Rural Heritage - bimonthly journal for small farmers and loggers who use draft horse, mule, and oxen power. Their web site lists many resources as well as subscriptions, articles on horses and oxen, books, videos, and horses for sale. Click on the title or use this link;

Thatching U.K. Informational website for thatchers and owners of buildings with thatch roofs.


Homestead supply and non-electric catalogs

Lehman's Non-Electric. Homesteading and non-electric products and appliances for the home. They do sell electrical products for farm and home use also, but many of the items they sell are old-world tools and appliances for use around the homestead. Kerosene lanterns and lamps, wood burning cook stoves and heating stoves, water and well equipment, grain mills, kitchen appliances, gardening tools, Austrian made scythes, wood working and cutting tools, books, special toilets for use in remote areas and where sewer is not available, small farming tools, toys. Click on the title or use this link;

Cumberland General Store. Homesteading supplies and tools for the back-to-the-land minded family. Similar to Lehmans non-electric but they do sell electrical appliances as well. Kerosene lamps, horse harness and tack, gardening tools, wood stoves, water and well equipment, Austrian made scythes, wood working tools, canning supplies, books, toys, kitchen supplies, small farming tools. Click on the this link;