Pella Historical Village

Blacksmith's Shop, Historical Village in Pella, Iowa

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Beason-Blommers Blacksmith Shop, Pella, IowaBeason-Blommers Mill and Blacksmith Shop at the Pella Historical Village in Pella, Iowa. Mid-1800s era museum blacksmith shop. Set up as a small rural village blacksmith attached to the water-powered mill, the smithy itself is roughly 24-feet wide by around 20-feet deep. The forge is built of brick with a steel smoke shelf inserted inside the chimney. Chimney has very good draw. The smiths were working the fire while I was visiting and there was no smoke in the shop at all.

The first set of photos on this page are from the Tulip Time festival May 7, 2022. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Beautiful brick forge. The smith installed a steel smoke shelf inside the chimney after the forge was already built. He said that the smoke shelf dramatically reduced the backdrafting of smoke into the shop during windy days. This is good working chimney, I did not smell smoke when I stuck my head into the shop.

Brick corbeling on each side of the chimney smoke entrance supports a steel plate like a half-hood. In the banner photo at right, flames and sparks are deflected back down and into the smoke entrance of the chimney.

The shop is a simple old-fashioned wood structure with dirt floor. Hand cranked blower to supply air to the fire.

The Pella Historical Village & Windmill are located just one block east of the town square. Just walk straight east from the square and look for the big windmill. The Historical Village is in the courtyard behind the windmill. The Vermeer windmill is an authentic working windmill that was dismantled in Netherlands, transported to the United States and reassembled near the town square in Pella, Iowa. Visitors can get a tour of the inside of the windmill during Tulip Time. The Historical Village represents life in a dutch settlement Pella Iowa during the mid-1800s. Some of the main occupations that I am interested in here include woodworking (cabinet making, wooden shoes, carpentry), grain grinding (flour for cooking, animal feeds, etc.), and of course the blacksmith.

The blacksmith shop is in the red building attached to the rear of the water-wheel powered grain mill.

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  Beason-Blommers Blacksmith Shop, Pella, IowaBeason-Blommers Blacksmith Shop, Pella, IowaBeason-Blommers Blacksmith Shop, Pella, IowaBeason-Blommers Blacksmith Shop, Pella, IowaBeason-Blommers Blacksmith Shop, Pella, Iowa









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