The Coal Forge 3

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UPDATED September 16th, 2019. Previous update way back on September 4th, 2000.

Steel sidedraft forge.July 29th, 2000. Steel Sidedraft Coal Forge for blacksmiths.

My newest forge built entirely of steel plate, angle iron, pipe, and sheetmetal. Designed for use both in a shop and for long term field use for making ornamental ironwork and for horseshoeing. Using a good cast iron firepot and a a good handcranked blower, this forge can be used anywhere with no power. A separate hoodless or sidedraft style hood is included with this design which can also be removed and used on other coal forges. Detailed dimensioned drawings of this forge and hood will be included on another page to be posted later.


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Portable ForgeSeptember 4th, 2000. Portable coal forges for blacksmiths, horseshoers, and mechanics. (Or so we're told)

These forges are commonly found at draft horse sales, antique auctions, and flea markets. This page will have lots of pictures of different styles and sizes of portable forges which are easily transported to distant sites and offer the smith quick access to a blacksmith's fire in unfavorable conditions. Designed for selling to the do-it-yourselfer market, these were sold to hobbysmiths, home mechanics, farmers, and anyone else trying to cut the blacksmith out of making or repairing something for them. This page is meant only to show what types of forges were available. I DO NOT recommend buying forges of this type!


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Scythesmith's shop - Vienna Technical MuseumSummer 1991. Masonry forge for scythe maker. Vienna Austria, Technical Museum.

Museum display depicting a scythe makers smithy. Double forge with two sets of great bellows, three water powered trip hammers, water controls for water wheel, shear, and jib crane.

September 17, 2019. This page under reconstruction.

Pictures are captured from old VHS video. Latest update on October 1st, 2004 to improve size and quality of these pictures.

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Scythesmith's shop - Vienna Technical MuseumApril 2006. Modern steel forge for artistic ornamental iron shop of Alexandre in Kishinev, Moldova.

Modern studio workshop producing wrought iron railings, gates, window grills, door and entryway gratings, security grills, lighting fixtures, indoor home accessories, and sculpure.

June 2006. New page under construction.  I still have to get more information on this shop and the work and will add updates to this page soon.

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Latest update September 4th, 2000.

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