Steam Power Shows

Steam power tractor and antique engine shows that I regularly attend.

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Latest update September 19, 2019.

Central Hawkeye Antique Gas Engine and Tractor show 2010.

Hawkeye Antique Acres, Waukee, Iowa, West of Des Moines Iowa. Located along I-80 at exit 117. See their website at for more information.

Swap meet June 3-5, 2010. Small flea market with antique one-lung engines and antique tractor parts to antique tools. A source of some antique blacksmiths tooling such as anvils, forges, hammers, leg vises, post drills, used taper shank drill bits, used drill parts, and other antiques and collectables. Over the last 5 years I have found this swap meet to have become very disappointing. Years ago there were many vendors with lots of good tools to sell, but something changed 5 years ago that resulted in fewer vendors and a lot fewer good tools to sell. Not only were there fewer good tools to buy, but more vendors were selling junk and broken tools for very high prices. This year I will look elsewhere for a source of tools, beginning with the Greater Iowa Swap Meet held during the same days, at the Old Thresher's Reunion site in Mt. Pleasant (See Old Thresher's Reunion farther down this page).

Antique Tractor show July 16-18, 2010. The main engine show with working displays and exhibits of antique gasoline and oil engines and tractors and some steam engines and tractors, a large working steam sawmill. A small flea market similar to the May swap meet takes place at each show also which is a source of some antique blacksmiths tooling such as anvils, forges, hammers, leg vises, post drills, used taper shank drill bits, used drill parts, and other antiques and collectables.

Reeves 40-140 taking 16 bottom plow to demo field.Reeves 40-140 cross compound steam engine.Osage Iowa Steam Power Show. 1998Cedar Valley Memories 2010 - Osage, Iowa, USA.

Threshing Days - Second weekend in August. August 14-15, 2010. Contact is 641-732-1269. There appears to be no website for this engine show. 2 miles west of Osage, Iowa, on Highway 9. Steam power & threshing show. I cannot verify these dates.

Steam Traction website article here:

Steam tractor demonstrations include plowing, threshing, sawmilling. Draft horses plowing plowing demonstration and wagon rides. Their collection of steam tractors includes 5 very rare finds. A small craft village including an Amish wagon wheel maker, blacksmith, wood carvers, Antique sock knitting machines, and antique farming tools. A Reeves 40-140 Hp cross compound steam tractor, a 1922 32 Hp Advance-Rumley steam engine, a 1913 110 Hp case steam tractor, A 1910 Phoenix used in Canada as a logging tractor -this engine looks like a steam locomotive on caterpillar tracks, and a rare1878 Blumentritt two cylinder self propelled steam engine. I will reinstall the MPEG movie soon.

Iowa State Fair 2010

August 12-22, 2010. Des Moines Iowa. A small collection of antique gasoline and oil engines and tractors is featured at the Iowa State Fair each year. Normally they are found in front of the Pioneer Hall.

Old Time Power Show 2010 - Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA.

Weekend before Labor Day. August 28-29 or possibly September 4-5, 2010. This date conflicts with Old Thresher's at Mt. Pleasant. (I don't have confirmation on this date) Antique Acres, 7610 Waverly Road, Cedar Falls, IA. Tel. 319-987-2380  Tel. 319-268-4266 No website for this event.

Steam power tractor show. Lots of steam tractors parading around the grounds. This is where the mechanics who restore these machines come to show them off. It is also a place where they come to meet others and discuss their projects. Visitors are just as likely to see these guys helping each other fix or fine-tune their machines as they are to see one driving around the grounds on parade all day long. Lots of steam power. Last time I was there 2 years ago they were setting up their own sawmill. A draft horse shoeing job was being done all day long so people could watch the big horses getting shod the same way they did years ago. A small flea market with old tools is part of this event as well.


Old threshers' reunion 2010 - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, USA.

Case 110 HP'New Huber' Steam Engine -  Left Side ViewGrain Drill - Old Thresher's - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, USA - September 2009 Steam approaching North Village -Passing front of blacksmith shop. 2007Steam Train - Shay Locomotive - Old Thresher's - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, USA - September 2009Portable Engines (One-Lung or Single Cylinder) -  Old Thresher's - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, USA - September 2009McMillan Park, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. This group maintains a nice website at For a large and updated calendar of events, see their website.

60th Old Thresher's Reunion. September 2nd - September 6th, 2010. One of the largest steam power shows in Iowa. Includes one of the largest displays of restored steam tractors as well as restored steam locomotives and antique electric trains and railroad rolling stock. Good place to buy steam power and antique engine stuff as well as some blacksmith tools. These folks also offer classes on steam power and traction engines. A small flea market here offers antique tools and steam and antique engine parts. A minor source of blacksmith's tools but only a few.

Lots of things going on all year round at McMillan Park. See their website above for more calendar of events. See also the railroad website at


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