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Blacksmith's tools offered for sale on this page.

April 23, 2020. NOTE: Recently a visitor wrote me that a website called Pinterest had posted something about me offering a leg vise for sale. I am unable to look at the Pinterest website without "log in" but after doing an image search, I found a photo of one of my vises along with a claim that I was allegedly offering that vise for sale. Be warned - that is a fraudulent claim made by Pinterest. I do not publish anything on Pinterest and I do not authorize Pinterest to republish anything from my website. Any items that I would offer for sale will be posted here on my website - NOT Pinterest. This incident highlights the probability that Pinterest may have also taken other photos from my website, re-published them without my permission, and published unauthorized statements about those items too.

Any items I offer for sale, or any offers made by others and posted here on this website will be found at this page:  Althouth this website has been dormant for some years while I was busy doing major remodeling and repairs of a house and other buildings. I will return to updating this website on a regular basis sometime this coming summer. Until then, ignore any claims made by Pinterest concerning this website, I did not publish anything on Pinterest nor did I authorize them to do so.

Most of the tools here are offered for sale by other smiths. I make no warrantees or guarentees on any tools offered for sale on this page. Buyer beware. Know what you are buying and know how to determine condition and repairs on any tools or machines offered here.

Latest update April 23, 2020.


Drill Presses For Sale


Camelback Drill presses.




--SOLD--   #3 MT socket, gear driven auto-feed, back gears for multiple spindle speeds. Very heavy duty. This drill is in beautiful shape. Built for a lifetime of use. The drill was designed for use with a line shaft, a spring loaded pedal and belt shifting fork is still mounted on the base of the machine between the jack shaft and motor. Thus preserving the original configuration of the drill while still updating it to electrical operation. The drill was converted to electrical operation by addition of an electric motor. Motor belt drives fixed pulley on back of jack shaft. Drilling table swings left to the side of the machine for drilling without table. Drilling table is raised and lowered by jack screw. The jack screw is complete and still has original wrench for turning the jack screw. This drill is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Scroll down for contact information to buy these drills.

-webmasters note - this is the kind of drill I personally look [for] for my own shop. These old drills were heavy, quiet, slow-turning, and very very long life. The slow speeds offered by back gears allows the slower drilling speeds for large drill bits and increased drill bit life for larger drill bits. Heavy cast iron construction offers smoother and quieter operation. If you want a good drill press for drilling larger holes in steel - this is the kind of drill to buy.




Drill press. Woodworking?

--SOLD--  #2 MT socket, large milling style table on knee. Drilling table slides on vertical dovetail way for smooth and accurate alignment with drill. Drill spindle head also slides vertically on its own dovetail way.

--webmasters note-- I don't have much information on this drill. It is highly unusual and has some features that are not common on drills today. Due to the spindle drive design, I would venture a guess that this drill was used at higher speeds for soft materials such as wood or plastics. The spindle is mounted in much the same way as camelback with chain and counterweight to support the weight of the spindle. Driven by jackshaft mounted crossways behind the drill. This drill looks like it was meant for woodworking shops.







More equipment will be offered in the future as it becomes available. All of the items here are in working condition at time of sale unless noted otherwise.

Updated April 23, 2020.

Created January 11, 2003