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Pinterest search "blacksmith leg vise"Image Search for "Blacksmith leg vise"April 23, 2020. NOTE: Any items I offer for sale are posted here on my website (Beautiful Iron) and will be found at this page:  Although this website has been dormant for some years while I was busy doing major remodeling and repairs of a house and other buildings. I will return to updating this website on a regular basis sometime this coming summer.

About Pinterest postings. Recently a visitor wrote me to inquire about a blacksmith leg vise for sale. He found a photo of one of my blacksmith vises on the Pinterest website along with the comment "Blacksmith leg vise. I have one For Sale, for the price of $100.00". The problem is - I am not offering any vises for sale. And I don't post any offers to sell things at Pinterest. So what happened?

Very interesting photo website (Pinterest) by the way, I took some time to look at it, lots of interesting blacksmith photos there. But back to the story.

First I tried to look at the posting on Pinterest by computer, but I couldn't get in without "log in". So I went to cell phone and did an image search for "pinterest post vise for sale". See photo (near right). My leg vise and the text  "Blacksmith leg vise. I have one For Sal...". I clicked on the link and it took me to the Pinterest image (picture at far right). Full text reads "Blacksmith leg vise. I have one For Sale, for the price of $100." It does look like this vise is being offered for sale. The link on the Pinterest page takes visitors back to my website. But I did not offer this vise for sale.

At first I thought this was a fraudulent claim, but after doing some research, I have concluded that the author of the comment is/was selling his own vise, and his vise is similar to my vise shown in the photo. I think what happened here, is that the author of the 'sale' comment didn't have a photo of his vise at the time that he wanted to make his sale offer, so he found a photo of a similar vise (photo from my website) and meant so say something like this... "I have a vise like the one shown in this photo, I will sell it for $100."

Pinterest credits the original photo source by putting a link back to the website where the photo was taken. This keeps the owners of the original photos happy. I like it so I am happy to see my photos appear on Pinterest. But again, I don't make sales offeres there. If anyone wants to see what tools or equipment I might have for sale, then see my Blacksmith Tools For Sales Page. the page is linked at the bottom of this article.

So basically anyone seeing this photo - posted by this specific contributor on Pinterest - they see the confusing 'sale' comment and a link back to my website placed prominently above the comment. Over the past few months I have had three or four people asking me if I have a vise for sale. I think it is pretty obvious where this is coming from.

Image search for "blacksmith post vise"Original comment for my photo at "blacksmith post vise"There was more than one copy of this photo posted at Pinterest. Change the image search keywords a little on Pinterest to "blacksmith post vise" and you find the exact same photo. But the comment text is different. I think this was from the original contributor that added the vise photo at Pinterest. See pictures at right.  The earlier post has the comment "Legvise mounted to steel bench with wood shim." The 'legvise mounted to steel bench' comment appears in both postings (the original contributors post and the vise-sellers' post), but only when viewing by computer. When viewed by cell phone, the 'legvise mounted to steel bench' comment does not appear in the vise-sellers' post. So it looks like the vise-seller grabbed the photo from another contributor and re-posted it with his sale comment. Again this can only be see when viewing Pinterest on a real  computer, cell phone viewing does not show this.

After snooping around on the Pinterest website, it looks like a very interesting collection of photos that various contributors have found and wanted to post for others to see, along with links to the original sources. Actually a very interesting website for photos of blacksmith items too. Pinterest credits the owner of photo by including a link to the original owners website. So visitors can look up any artists featured there to see what else they might have on their websites.